Disha Nayak Levels Up Her Cooking Game with Hauslane

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Disha Nayak Levels Up Her Cooking Game with Hauslane

Toronto’s favorite foodie, Disha Nayak, has teamed up with Hauslane to bring her newly renovated kitchen up to par with her recipes. Tired of lingering odors and tedious kitchen cleanup, she decided to upgrade her old vent hood to a new powerful wall-mount range hood by Hauslane. We’re giving you the inside scoop about how Disha has dominated the food influencer industry with a look into her brand-new kitchen. As a fun bonus, we’re sharing Disha’s mother’s renowned

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Get to Know Disha Nayak

Disha has a passion for sharing her top food and lifestyle insights with other foodies. Her incredible community includes 1.4 million followers and 1 billion views on her TikTok channel. Disha is known for her simple yet delicious recipes for fan favorites, including peanut noodles, tandoori salmon, stir-fries, pasta, and more.

As one of the top 10 reputable food and lifestyle creators in Canada, she has been featured on CBC News and in Newsweek magazine for her expertise in the industry.

Disha Levels Up Her Kitchen

Disha’s content isn’t just limited to recipes; she also brings fun content about hosting dinner parties and renovating her home to the table. This year, she decided to level up her cooking space with a complete kitchen renovation.

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Her Vision?

To create a bright, open, modern, and functional space. Disha wanted an aesthetically pleasing kitchen while maximizing her space and increasing its functionality to support lots and lots of cooking.

As a master home chef, Disha is always creating new dishes to share with her community. So, she wanted a range hood that would suit her vision for a stunning, modern kitchen and have enough power to suck away fumes, odors, and grease. To make this happen, she turned to Hauslane.

Disha Selects a Powerful, Stunning Wall-Mount Range Hood

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Disha chose the WM530SS-30P 30-inch convertible wall mount range hood for her kitchen renovation.

“The range hood is easy to clean, functional, and is a perfect fit for the bright and modern kitchen design I had envisioned.”

Built with durable stainless steel and designed for heavy-duty cooking, the range hood has a modern appearance with an eye-catching classic canopy shape. The multiple powerful speed levels support all types of cooking. She can easily control the power and noise while the contemporary, illuminated buttons make it simple to operate and focus while preparing meals.

More About the WM-530SS-30P Convertible Wall Mount Range Hood

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The WM-530SS-30P is an excellent choice of a range hood as it is offered in two common sizes (30 inch width and 36 in width) and is adaptable to most kitchens with convertible venting options that fit a 6 inch duct or can be installed ductless with our effective charcoal filters (sold separately). Rather than using the ergonomic, dishwasher-safe baffle filters as a ducted setup would, a ductless range hood relies on charcoal filters to trap grease particles from fumes and deodorize cooking smells using activated charcoal.

Nonetheless, this fume extractor is easy to maintain while delivering superior performance to clear the air of smoke, toxins, and fumes; protecting your health from long-term wellness concerns and protecting your household interior from grime buildup on walls, cabinets, ceilings and other surfaces. Efficient GU10 LED light bulbs help you feel safer and more confident while cooking with proper illumination. The range hood bulbs can be swapped out for lights with different color tones, giving you total control over the ambiance of your kitchen.

Wall Mount Range Hoods

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Beginning the Journey to a Better Cooking Experience with Hauslane

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Working with Hauslane was a breeze for Disha. She says:

“I would definitely recommend Hauslane for anyone looking for a beautiful, powerful range hood so you can cook with all your spices in peace.”

Be sure to get a closer look at Disha's complete kitchen renovation in collaboration with Hauslane. To help celebrate the start of a brand new cooking era, Disha also gave us the first look at her mother's original recipe for palak paneer! You can find more of Disha’s internationally inspired, mouthwatering recipes on  and . 

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